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Graphic Designs!

I am a passionate hardworking Web and Graphic Designer that is committed to design and that gets profitable results for businesses. I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design from the International Academy of Design & Technology Sacramento. I love the challenges that each new project brings and have a passion for current emerging technologies. Every design that I create will make a deep awesome meaningful impression. I really love creating works that are striking professional and engaging.

Logo Designs

  • alhlogo
  • asplogo
  • IADTlogo
  • idealogo
  • rein
  • displaylogo
  • gmlogo
  • elogo

Poster Designs

  • 1poster
  • 2poster
  • 3poster
  • 4poster

Buisness Card Designs

  • buisness1
  • buisness2
  • buisness3
  • buisness4
  • Graphic Designs

    Here are my Graphic Designs!

    They include many different graphic designs that I have designed.

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  • Web Designs

    Here are my Web Designs!

    They include many differant web templet layouts that I have designed.

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  • Drawings

    Here are my Drawings!

    They include many differant drawings that I have drawn in charcoal.

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  • Photography

    Here is some of my photography!

    They include many differant photographs that I have taken.

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